Event notifications provide an easy and efficient way for Box to provide you with updates about what happens in a user’s account. Before, you would have to constantly poll Box and check for changes; now, all you have to do is specify an endpoint, and Box will tell your app when something changes. Here’s how to get started:

After you’ve created your app, find your app on the developer services page and click ‘Edit Application’

On the ‘Edit a Box App’ page, scroll down to the Webhooks section, and click ‘create new Webhook’.

On the ‘Create a Webhook’ page, enter the name and description of your webhook.

Alert: Please contact us to have your Event Notifications switched to ‘Online’.

Marking the event notification as ‘Development’ means that you will only be able to access it in your account.
Marking it as ‘Online’ means that all users of your app will have access to it.

You can choose from several types of events to be notified about.

Alert: Currently ‘Downloaded’ and ‘Previewed’ events will not be returned for the user requesting the webhook, but will be returned for any collaborators.

You can select what information from the event you want Box to tell your app about

When entering the parameter value, a dropdown will appear that allows you to select relevant Box parameters for your event notification (ex. user id, file name, file id, etc.), or you can specify your own custom parameters.

Once you’ve entered everything, click ‘Save new event notification’ to complete the setup process. If you have any further questions about how Event Notifications work, check out this simple node.js app we put together.

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