Connecting Your Developer Enterprise


Box Developer Edition is in Beta which is still undergoing testing. We do not recommend using the product with standard Box users at this time.

Connecting Third-Party Applications

Please note, during the beta period if you would like to grant access to an application for which you as the Enterprise administrator are not the developer, you must request that the developer add you as a developer on the service.

1) Once you are logged into Box, click on Admin Console at the top of the screen.

2) Access your Enterprise Settings by clicking on the Gear in the top right corner and selecting Enterprise Settings.

3) In the Enterprise Settings Menu, click on Apps.

4) Scroll down to Custom Applications, and click on Authorize New App.

5) Enter the API key for the app you would like to enable, and select an access level. This determines which users the app has control over. It is important to select the access level for an application carefully. This option determines which sets of users an application may access and modify within your enterprise.


We strongly recommend choosing "Only users of this app (recommended)". Choosing All Users grants an application access to any user in your enterprise.

Access Level

Only users of this app (Recommended)

Limits access to only the App Users created and managed by this application.

All App Users

Limits access to any App Users created by any application in the enterprise. Used for sharing App Users across applications.

All Users

Access granted to any App User and standard Box user in your enterprise. Used for building applications across App Users and Box users in your enterprise.

6) Click Okay. The app is now enabled within your Developer enterprise.

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Connecting Your Developer Enterprise

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